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“Green” Home Guide

In April, as the warmer weather hits, we start peeling off layers of clothes, such as scarves gloves and sweaters. But we don’t want to rid ourselves of our eco-friendly values! Since April is also Earth Month, we’ve compiled acomplete guide to becoming a friend of our planet. You’ll find tonnes of useful information covering everything from food, décor and renovation, to health and beauty. “Green” is definitely in!

Eco-friendly habits to adopt daily


It seems every aspect of our daily lives have been adapted to help us become responsible citizens. From our sex lives to feminine hygiene products, nothing is off limits! The first step to going “green”? Start by observing your daily habits at home and make adjustments here and there. A few eco-friendly resolutions can mean a huge difference for the environment. So start shopping local, host a “green” girls’ night in, and don’t forget to recycle!
The next big step: composting. Do you want to transform organic trash into fertile soil, but don’t know where to begin? Read our handy home composting guide for tips!

“Green” home decor
With the arrival of spring, open up the windows and let the fresh air of renewal into your home! Roll-up your sleeves and ready yourself for spring cleaning… “green”-style! Find out how you can eco-decorate each room in your home, from the kitchen to the kids’ playroom.
For you hammer-wielding divinistas, here are a few “green” DIY home project ideas.
It’s not surprising that more and more people are favouring a healthier lifestyle, opting for natural products free of pesticides or additives. We therefore make a habit of opting for “green” products that aren’t as harmful to the environment. This includes what we put on our plate, as well as our beauty rituals: here are 10 companies that put earth matters to heart.
Finally, find out how “green” you actually are. The results may surprise you…


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