10 Essential Fashion Hacks


Easy shortcuts to play up your style more efficiently
Over the years, we’ve built quite a collection of tricks for keeping both our style and our wardrobe in tip-top shape, from advice shared with us by our grandmothers and mothers, and tips given to us by our girlfriends, to hacks we’ve picked up online. Here are 10 of our favourite fashion shortcuts—tested and approved, of course!


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Use your hair straightener to iron the collar of a blouse. This simple step will make you look so much more polished. Plus, the tool is super effective for flattening out the flaps on buttoned pockets.

Get rid of creases by hanging an item of clothing in the bathroom while you’re in the shower. The steam will help get the wrinkles out.

Wring out your underwear in a salad-spinner after washing it by hand. It’ll dry so much faster than if you wring it by hand.

Get rid of embarrassing deodorant marks any time, any place. No special wipe or product needed: simply fold the material over and rub the two sections together and watch the white marks disappear.


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Here’s how to mould new leather shoes to your feet and avoid blisters: slip them on, and then heat up the leather with your hair dryer. Leave them on until the leather has had time to cool. If your shoes are slightly too small, put on some thick socks first.

Another alternative to ironing: toss a particularly wrinkled piece of clothing in the dryer with an ice cube or two. Let it run for two or three minutes, and the item will come out wrinkle-free. Just like magic!

String your chains and necklaces through straws to avoid them getting tangled in your jewellery box. Say “goodbye” to those precious minutes spent trying to untangle them!


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Hide your bra under a racer-back tank top with a paperclip. Simply loosen both straps, and fasten them together with the paperclip. There are also special accessories designed for the same purpose, but when you’re in a pinch…

Add a chic touch to your ballerina flats or to the collar of a blouse by adding clip-on earrings to them. Have an orphan earring that’s no longer part of a pair? Clip it into a buttonhole, or onto a hair tie for a ponytail that shines.

Is your patent leather purse looking lacklustre? Spray a bit of window cleaner on a paper towel and wipe its surface. The same thing goes for patent leather shoes: they’ll get their shine back, guaranteed.

We want to know: what are some of your favourite fashion shortcuts?

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