10 fitness and health influencers from Canada we love


Are you trying to get in a better shape and eat healthier this month? If so, have a look at these Canadian influencers that all motivate us to feel better in our own skin!

Kgmt- Katherine Gabarino 27,9k followers

Kgmt aka Katherine Gabarino is a Montreal youtuber who loves to share her healthy lifestyle and her favorite beauty and skincare products, along with tips on various topics on both her YouTube channel and on her Instagram.

Thefitfatale- Samatha E Cutler 27k followers

Samantha E Cutler, also known under the name of ‘the fit fatale’, is a health and fitness blogger and a health coach at Victoria park Montréal, a fitness club located in the heart of Montreal.

petitedouceur.x- Laurie 10,1k followers

Petite douceur is a blog filled with healthy, nutritious and balanced recipes. The blog was created by Laurie, a student in nutrition at Laval University in Quebec City. Laurie wants you to discover her love for physical activity, and to love yourself through food and especially balance. This month, Laurie decided to dedicate her entire month to the motto #selflovemonth and prepared several recipes for taking care of yourself, ranging from face masks and body scrubs, that you can make at home which you can find on her blog and Instagram .

sashaexeter-Sasha 28,5k followers

Sasha is a self-proclaimed fashion fanatic, a foodie, a traveler and likes to stay fit, as you can tell from her Instagram feed. She’s also a loving mother with a well-balanced, healthy life!

sweatinthesix-Elinor and Sarah 19,2 k followers

Sweat in the Six is ​​a Toronto duo composed of Elinor and Sarah. Their Instagram feed is a look inside their healthy lifestyle that is filled with healthy snacks, inspirational quotes and workout clothes.

runcarmyrun- Carmy 21,5 k followers

Carmy’s motto is to run towards as much food, fitness and travel as your wallet will let you — and she’s right. Follow her healthy lifestyle on her Instagram and on her blog to see how she does it!

nutty4nutrition- Chantal 51,3k followers

Chantal is a former massage therapist, who had digestion and health problems for a long time. That, however, made her discover the benefits of healing foods, and since then she has fallen in love with making food. Since the birth of her daughter, she also added to her bow a specialization for children’s food — made with only white, whole ingredients and nothing processed. She writes for several health blog including her own!

fraichenutrition-Tori 98,2k followers

Tori is a dietician and mother from the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia. From a very young age, thanks to her mother and grandmother, she fell in love with fresh, healthy foods. She loves to promote healthy eating without depriving herself! After all, everything is about balance.


choosingchia- Jess 219k followers

Jess is a Montreal food enthusiast who shares the wonders of eating healthy on her blog ‘choosing chia’. Expect to find photos of healthy food and travel pictures on her blog and Instagram. Her foodie pictures on Instagram look so pretty and delicious!


jessicamorrishealth – Jessica Morris 6 864 followers

Jessica Morris is a coach and nutrionist from Toronto. Her instagram is composed mainly of training that can be done at home or at the gym and several healthy meals. With the body she has who would not want to follow her example.


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