Christmas Shopping: 10 Great Accessory Ideas for Women


In the holiday gift-giving time, accessories are among the easiest to give. Unlike clothing, there isn’t the stress of size or fit (with the exception of fitted hats or shoes). Accessories are personal, but aren’t too personal where you have to take existing belongings into consideration like home decor. Here’s 10 accessories to give you a bit of inspiration.

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1. Detailed Backpack from Zara for $35.90

2. Large Scarf from H&M for $14.99

3. Classic Rebel Mid-Size Collar Necklace from Banana Republic for $74.00

4. Fleece Penguin Slipper Socks from Forever 21 for $12.90

5. Nixon Chronograph Bullet Bracelet Watch from the Bay for $350.00

6. Mini Heart Tag Earrings from Tiffany’s for $205.00

7. Nantes Fur Scarf from Rudsak for $125.00

8. Q Marshal Touchscreen Stainless Steel Smartwatch from Fossil for 295.00

9. My Princess Tiara from Pandora for $90.00

10. Small Handbag from H&M for $34.99

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