10 Home Spa Hacks


With the crazy chaos of wedding planning combined with the daily to-do lists of everyday life, most future brides are stressed to their limits. While spa days are on the agendas of most brides-to-be, the costs of the ceremony and the reception might also be hampering the budget for a day of pampering.

For all the stressed out brides who also are watching their budgets, relax with a DIY spa day at home. The best part? No tipping necessary…and the treatments are all easy to make and affordable! Here are a few of the best DIY treatments for a much deserved (and needed!) at-home spa day:

Natural Foodie Facials

Mix up some food for your skin for deep cleansing, hydrating scrubs and masks that will leave skin glowing and radiant. Mix egg yolks, olive oil and water for an omelet mask that will tighten pores. To exfoliate the skin, mix oats with yogurt and honey for a delicious smoothie for the face. While I love to use a teaspoon of sugar mixed in warm water to exfoliate problem areas, sugar can be a little harsh on more sensitive skin…so be careful!

Bathe in Relaxation

To relax the entire body, soak in a warm bath infused with scented oils. A few drops of lavender oil will naturally calm the senses. For a purely feminine fragrance, mix rose water with coconut oil and add to the warm bath. To hydrate skin after the bath, rub a few dollops of pure organic coconut oil on the skin. Coconut oil naturally hydrates…and smells like tropical paradise.

Set the Mood

The scent of flowers and their visual beauty instantly creates a relaxing and elegant atmosphere. When treating yourself to a DIY spa day, buy a bouquet of flowers. Choose muted colours like pale pinks or warm golden hue to provide a tranquil touch. Buy flowers that you love. This is your spa day, so select blooms that make you smile. Every woman has a favourite…mine are daisies and sunflowers!

The Shower Sauna

To create a steam blanket of relaxation in your own bathroom, Aly Walanksy, of eBeauty Daily, recommends turning the shower into a DIY sauna. Turn the water to its hottest setting to create to veil of steam. Walanksy also suggests adding few drops of your favorite scented oil on a washcloth to up the relaxation factor and breathe in the bliss!

An Easy Massage

Meetings with vendors or sitting at the table addressing invites might have your neck in a kink. Take the knots out of the back and neck with an at-home tennis ball massage. Lie down and use a tennis ball under the body to roll out any tensed up areas. This is a trick that dancers swear by!

Budgetary constraints should not keep you from enjoying a day of relaxation. Create your own spa at home and enjoy a day of DIY pampering. For more tips and tricks for a DIY spa day, check out the infographic HERE!

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