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10 colorful Instagram accounts to follow!


With spring still shy to show itself, we need other ways to add some color in our lives. Instagram is the perfect platform to inspire us, and these accounts are there to do exactly that. We found some accounts with splendid colors that will make you long for the springtime, take a look!

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Joëlle Anello aka @lapetitenoob is a youtuber from Toronto, and she lives for pink. Her Instagram feed is a beautiful mix of pink tones, a real girly paradise!

2. @heymaca

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Maca is mom to 2 kids, a blogger, and constantly chasing cute and colorful things that inspire her! This Montrealer’s mission is to show us every color concept that she does with clothes, food or art on the walls!

3. @tovogueorburst

If you are less into intense colors and more into softer shades, you will love Alexandra Grant’s feed. The Vancouver-based fashionista’s concept features light shades of blue, lilac, white, and pink. She travelsa lot and takes us with her to see to beautiful sceneries!

4. @colormecourtney

Courtney is a New Yorker who self-proclaimed herself the NYC color queen. She is there to celebrate curves, curls, and confidence with her pictures worthy of a rainbow! She loves showing off her colorful themes!

5. @my.miaou

Sabrina Stavenjord is a blogger from Toronto who love to bake. She shares with us her recipes and the (delicious) final results on her Instagram feed. Blush and pink are the focus of her theme, mixed in with some touch of other colors. The food that she shows us is mouth watering and her concepts are awesome!

6. @aww.sam

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For some exploding concepts full of colors, Sam Ushiro is the queen. Her Instagram feed is a real rainbow full of fun and  entertaining concepts. She’s not afraid to mix patterns and colors — she is daring and we love it! This New Yorker know exactly what she’s doing and gives us a glimpse of what it’s like to live in her multicolored universe.

7. @designmehair

If you need inspiration for your next summer hairstyle, the @designmehair Instagram account is there for you! Their feed is full of pastels, multicolored hairstyles and the colorful products you’ll need to achieve them. If you want a makeover this summer, go and take a look as soon as possible!

8. @rclayton

Rosie Clayton is a Chicago girl who loves art and colors. Her two passions come together in her Instagram feed — she’s either looking for colorful walls full of patterns for her photo concepts. She wants to conquer the world, one wall at a time!

9. @tomwindeknecht

We are spoiling you this time with a man, Tom, who is one of the rare gentlemen to dare to use that much color in his concepts . This Youtuber gives us colorful concepts full of shades of blues and pinks. When you’ll see his complete feed, you’ll be impressed!

10. @willtravelforpink

This last Instagram account is created by two women that we’ve talked about before: @lapetitenoob and @my.miaou. The two girls from Toronto want us to see life through rose-colored glasses. What you see in this feed will not be on their personal Instagram accounts, so no déjà vu. They gather their pictures from multiple accounts that travel all over the world and, present them to us through their pink universe!

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