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10 New Healthy Finds in Supermarkets!


It’s a fact: healthy foods are more accessible than ever! With so many new items in groceries stores, we can now make much healthier food choices. Either it’s an intolerance to a certain food that keeps you away from certain foods or for personal choices, strolling in the aisles of supermarkets now requires way more attention than it used to. The divine.ca team has tested and approved certain products in the food aisle that all have something healthier, with less fat, or free of insert a word here. Maybe you have tried some of these already? If not, they are all yours to discover!


1. KRAVE Gourmet jerky
The infamous meat jerky. Far from the stick-form dried meat that are found at gas stations, KRAVE snacks are incredibly popular amongst people who workout. High in proteins and low in calories, KRAVE jerky is the ideal solution for quick and easy lunches, as well as afternoon cravings. Forget chips and calorific snacks, a few slices of jerky will be enough to fill you up. We suggest the Sweet Teriyaki or Chili Lime flavours.

Around $7.49 at Shoppers Drug Mart or Loblaws stores.

2. POM pomegranates
These products aren’t new, but pomegranates have been incredibly popular recently, especially in smoothie bowls, these breakfasts that taste as good as they look on Instagram! Pomegranates are rich in antioxidants and prevent the creation of cancerous cells. A must in our diets!

POM Wonderful pomegranates, $3.99 in supermarkets.

3. Campbell’s Healthy Request soups
Canned soups are your go-to for quick and easy lunches, right? However, if you find it uneasy sometimes to consume premade food, it’s because you aren’t looking at the right place! The new Campbell Healthy Request soups are made with vegetables, legumes and grains and are made without preservatives. They also are the lowest in sodium in all the Campbell soups. A cauliflower and lentil curry soup is hard to resist…

Starting from $3.29 in supermarkets.

4. Vital snacks
Snacks made from simple ingredients? We find those really reassuring. The newest snack from Vital, from the brand Leclerc, offers snack bars and cookies with no articifial flavours, that are low in calories and sugar, and are also an excellent source of fiber. Our favourite: the coconut and almond butter bars. So good!

Starting from $3.79 in supermarkets.

5. EnjoyLife baking mix
You want to bake a cake for the whole family, but one is gluten intolerant and the other one is allergic to eggs? Oh no! Get yourself some bakery mix from the brand EnjoyLife. This brand offers cake mix, pancake mix, muffin mix and even more. The most common allergens (gluten, eggs, dairy, nuts, soy, etc.) are not found in their products and, on top of that, they taste incredible!

Starting from $8.49 in supermarkets and on Amazon.ca.

6. NuPasta pastas
This new pasta is low in calories, sugar, fat, and also gluten free, and are mostly made of konjac. This ingredient is popular in the land of the rising sun, and is a healthy fibre that is still new in Canada. Easy to cook (drain, rince and heat!), these pastas have been a favourite of ours!

Starting from $4.19 in supermarkets.

7. META bars
We talked about the META phenomenon a while back, which are fibers that we add to our smoothies and juices to control our appetit. Because some dislike the use of powder in drinks, nutritional bars by the same brand now exist. These bars are a great source of fibers, and they taste especially good with breakfasts!

Around $9.99 in supermarkets.

8. Natur PAX healthy snack bars
We especially love this one because not only is it a great healthy snack, it is also free from any allergen. The Natur PAX bars are made with basic ingredients that are safe for your kids’ lunchboxes. As tasty as other snack bars on the market, these are an excellent and healthy choice.

Around $7.99 in supermarkets.

9. Gluten-free products by Cannelle
A gluten-free favourite of many, the brand Cannelle now offers refrigerated bread and cakes, that keep the freshness and flavours of the products perfectly. With no gluten, GMO or preservatives, Cannelle is definitely a winner!

Starting from $5.99 in supermarkets in the frozen products section.

10. PRANA coconut chips
In the office, we found out about these snacks a few months ago, and most of us are already totally addicted! Who knew coconut chips (or strips) could be so good? A healthy alternative that is offered in various flavours such as spicy chili, sea salt and pepper and also BBQ. No more eating with guilt…

Starting from $3.99 in supermarkets and organic food stores.

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