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10 stylish workout clothes for the new year


With the new year starting, we all want to get back in shape, especially after this period of excesses that is the holiday season. So why not do it with style? Here are some fashion ideas to start the year off right while remaining the fashionista that you are!

We paired this geometric pastel print capri legging from Hyba with a Grove pink tank top with crossed straps on the back from New Balance. This set is perfect to add color to your day!

This is for the classic fashion lover. We love this black corset-style sports bra found at Winners that we paired with crossfit graphic shorts from Reebok .


The following accessories add a touch of style to anything that you already have at home. We love this blue Just cardigan from Lolë that we paired with these Boost Xpose shoes from Adidas,

The fourth kit is this nulux legging by Lululemon. Nulux is a fabric that dries quickly to keep you dry when you train, and it matches perfectly with this pink Bora raincoat from Under Armor. This kit is perfect for those who dare to go run in the rain.

Our last suggestions is this capri legging from Hyba brand featuring a print that mimics a beautiful black and white marble surface. We paired it with a black Victoria’s Secret Sport a hoodie with an opening at the back.

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