10 Unique Pizzas You Have to Try


Stuff your face with one of these creations
Since we can never resist a slice of ‘za, and are always looking for something different from our same old toppings, check out these out-of-these-world pizzas that you need to roll out today!

Naked pizza with herbs and garlic / Pinterest

Sicilian pizza with eggplant / Pinterest

Four cheese pizza with basil, thyme, and oregano / Pinterest

Three cheese peach and prosciutto pizza with basil and honey balsamic reduction / Pinterest

Thai sweet chili pork pizza / Pinterest

Focaccia pizza with caramelized onions and tomatoes / Pinterest

Blackberry fennel pizza / Pinterest

Sweet potato kale pizza / Pinterest

Cauliflower crust grilled chicken and three cheese pizza / Pinterest

Fig and goat cheese pizza / Pinterest

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