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11 Festive Ways to Wrap Your Christmas Gifts


Finally; your Christmas shopping is almost do-ne. Oof! You figured everything out… Or did you? Ah, the wrapping! Are you tired of the traditional wrapping paper with the corny prints that you use every single year? Would you like to try something super original this year? Here are some ideas that we found on Pinterest, that will make unwrapping the gifts as fun as finding out what it is!

1. Feathers


Why not decorate your favourite fashionista’s gift with feathers? Colourful and stylish, they can make anything look glamourous!

2. Stylish slate


Just write your greetings on the wrapping, and voila! Your packages will make heads turn for sure!

3. Brown paper bags


Recycling old paper bags to create a rustic look with a hint of scandinavian inspiration? A great idea!

4. Washi tape


It gained popularity this year, and for a reason! Offered in a variety of colours and prints, it’s no surprise that we want to use it in our Holiday creations!

5. Stamps


A blast from the past! Easily personalize gifts using stamps to create an unique and original effect.

6. Markers


This minimalistic white wrapping shows that simplicity really is the ultimate sophistication. Why not add in some battery-powered Christmas lights while we’re at it? Magical!

7. Toilet paper rolls


Who knew toilet paper rolls could make such cute gift boxes?

8. Crayons


Something that’ll keep both children and adults busy while waiting for the clock to strike midnight!

9. Word search


This is great for your intellectual friends! To make things easier, many websites nowadays even let you generate your own selection of words!

10. Scarves


Give your old scarves a second life by using them as wrapping paper! Add some accessories here and there and ta-da!

11. Wallpaper


Do you have some old leftover wallpaper? Don’t throw them out! Use them as wrapping paper. The baroque-chic style? We love it under the Christmas tree.


Print out these festive Christmas gift tags to add a splash of fun to any of your presents!


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