12 Essentials for a Successful Oscar-Themed Party



Red carpet season is drawing to a close, but cheer up! The cherry on top is happening this weekend: the 88th Academy Awards ceremony. If you are planning on organizing a themed party this weekend, on February 28th, we’ve prepared for you a glamorous list of essentials for a night that will take you to Hollywood!


1. Bottega Gold Prosecco, $24.95 at LCBO stores and online.
2. Zara Home shiny golden champagne glasses, $9.90 in stores and online.
3. Etsy golden garland, $28.58 online.
4. Le Château textured knit scoop neck dress, $79.95 in stores and online.
5. Pottery Barn golden sequined pillow, $19.99 in stores and online.
6. Bath & Body Works Mahogany Teakwood 3-wick candle, $22.50 in stores and online.
7. Stokes retro popcorn ceramic bowl, $6.99 in stores and online.
8. Indigo golden paper straws, $4.95 in stores and online.
9. Stokes copper cocktail shaker, $19.99 in stores and online.
10. IKEA paper napkins, $2.50 in stores and online.
11. Crosley Cruiser portable turntable, $98 at Walmart.
12. Trudeau Pinot service platter, $47.49 at certain retailers and online.

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