12 Holiday Finds if You’re Hosting a Party!


Want to be crowned hostess of the year? We found a few essentials for your holiday parties! From food to decorations, without forgetting about the glass of bubbly and fun activity ideas, these are going to make your party the best in town!


  1. Funny photobooth accessories, $34.70 at ebay.ca.
  2. Nicolas Feuillate Pink Champagne To-Go, $16.99 at the SAQ and LCBO stores.
  3. Helium Balloons, $26.69 at ebay.ca.
  4. Nouwee Piñata, $8.99 online.
  5. Prosecco Ruffino, $18 at SAQ and LCBO stores.
  6. President’s Choice Bite-Size Mac and Cheese Kit, $4.48 at Loblaws stores.
  7. President’s Choice Butter Chicken Poutine Kit, $6.99 at Loblaws stores.
  8. Irresistible Crab Cakes Maryland, $9.99 at Metro strores.
  9. Decorative Elf, prices on demand at Rona stores.
  10. Cracked Glass Ball, $44.99 at Canadian Tire stores.
  11. CANVAS Decorative Metallic Sequined Pillow, $24.99 at Canadian Tire stores.
  12. Golden Garland and Champagne, $32 at etsy.com.

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