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12 Perfect Looks For OSHEAGA 2016


Yes, when you say “end of July” you basically mean… OSHEAGA! The festival, which was ranked as the second best summer festival in the world, unanimous among Montrealers, and especially by the artists who are invited for the other related activities. If you want to stand out this weekend, follow our guide to find out which style to adopt and you’ll be all the rage.

Crop tops and lots of leg

Whether it’s a crop top that leaves your shoulders exposed paired with a long, flowing skirt (1), or a slitted maxi crop top worn with jean shorts (2) you can’t go wrong. Do you have a shirt so short it’s more like lingerie? No problem, just put on a sleeveless jacket, and if it’s adorned with fringes, even better! As demonstrated by Gigi Hadid (3), if you wear anything with movement and fringes, suede, and lots of chains/jewellery – a little on the hippie side – you’ll get a chic look that’s perfect for festivals. For the fashionistas, it’s the perfect time to a crop top to perfectly match your high waisted shorts, a look that’s made trendy by our dear Taylor Swift!

Comfortable, flowy dresses


Who says that dresses don’t belong at festivals? Simply find one that suits you and in which you feel comfortable. Whether it’s a short tye-dye dress worn with a belt and adorned with chains (1) or a little denim dress that you can layer with virtually any jacket or shirt (2), you can’t go wrong. If you want to go with a maxi dress, don’t be afraid to show your legs by choosing one with double slits that’s belted to define your waist (3). Finally, remember that rain boots (you never know with the Quebec weather) paired with a mini-dress will make you look feminine and put together, but still comfortable.

Crochet and lace


This will make you look pretty and feminine, and you’ll still be super comfortable wearing one or more materials that breathe. Lace and crochet are therefore recommended for your weekend at OSHEAGA. Feel free to mix textures; crochet with colourful tribal prints (1), transparency used strategically (2), denim, leather and lace layering (3), or dare to go for a total 70s throwback; bell-bottom pants that will keep you cool thanks to their lightweight, perforated material that reveals just enough (4).

Finally, remember that every good festival look is NOTHING without boots, rain boots or a closed, comfortable bootie that accentuates your legs. Unfortunately, this is not the time to show your toes, or you’ll risk having them repeatedly crushed.

Don’t forget to protect yourself from the sun with a hat and some funky sunglasses! Obviously, at a festival, forget valuable jewellery and lean more towards a stack of oversized and colorful jewelry. For purses and backpacks, we go for models that are roomy and lightweight, like a flexible crossbody bag, or something that’s easy to carry and durable, like a leather backpack. Accessorize with a big soft scarf, and you’re ready to face the rain, dust, and sun!

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