15 Hats That Will Upstage Your Outfit


Although it pains us to admit it, autumn is starting to sneak up on us. Therefore, we’ve got to start planning our fall wardrobe with its correlating accessories in order to enhance our outfits. If there’s ONE accessory you need this fall, it’s a hat! There are so many models, colours, and various materials that you can’t miss out having one by your side. Our ally during bad hair days or cold days, check out our favorite headwear.

The akubra

This Australian hat is deemed super practical, with its wide brim that’s perfect for keeping the sun out of our eyes and deep crown that’s perfect for staying put. It protects us from the elements, and becomes a star of style with its casual-western vibe.

The fedora

The one that looked like it would never happen. Although it’s been revisited hundreds of times, it’s never caught on – until now. It looks good on most heads, and can be found in a variety of materials and colours. This season, the traditional narrow-brimmed model has been swapped for a wider brim. Dare to wear it with bright colours to add a “punch” to your fall ensemble.

The Beanie

Whether it’s a beret, a toque with a pompom, or just a soft, neutral cap, it’s certainly a welcome addition for keeping us warm on cold days. It will stay on your head and protect your ears, while simultaneously adding a cute, feminine side to your style.

The turban and cloche hat

Straight out of the 20s, we’ve seen them popping up for quite some time. They can be spiced up with nets, feathers, or precious stones, and made of knit or felt, but no matter what they never fail to get noticed. We like the exotic and chic aspect they bring to our outfits.

Boat hats

We’ve seen them making a quiet comeback, particularly on special occasions. Made of straw and often garnished with a ribbon or pretty flowers, they immediately remind us of “Luncheon of the Boating Party”, by Auguste Renoir. A very European look, boat hats should be paired with a neutral outfit, because they will automatically become the central focus of your ensemble.


No, they’re not just for men. Instead, they’ll add a bit of a tomboy aspect to your outfit while being super convenient when the sun is out. The classic baseball model adds a sporty touch to any look, while a leather or tweed one adds a more modern, luxurious touch.

Are you going to wear a hat this fall? What’s your favorite kind?

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