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15 Trendy Tassel Earrings for Summer


Introducing the new statement earring: the Tassel. Pretty and trendy, they can be worn with you favourite jeans and a T-shirt during the day, or in the evening, when your #ootn needs a pop of something! Have a look at our picks below and tell us what you favorite style is.

Not into the tassel earrings trend? Stay tuned for more statement earrings that are still fashionable for summer next Friday!

1. Adia Kibur, Faux Suede Tassel Earrings, in Dark Blue, $54 at Nordstrom

2. Aldo, Elenawia Light Pink, $12

3. Aldo, Nassau Mustard $15

4. Area Stars, Balboa Earrings, $78.63 at Nordstrom

5. Baublebar, Curacao Hoop Earrings, $44

6. Baublebar Grecian Tassel Earrings, $42

7. Forever21, Beaded Duster Earrings, $8.90

8. Forever21, Tassel Drop Earrings, $12.90


9. H&M, Tasseled Earrings in Black, $12.99

10. Lizzie Fortunato, Starry Night Earrings, $332 at Nordstrom


11. Serefina, Lunar Tassel Earrings, in Indigo, $101 at Nordstrom

12. Tory Burch, Tassel Earrings in Vineyard Green, $144

13. Aldo, Thirewiel earring, $22

14. Elise M., Lilia Spike & Crystal Hoop Earrings in Cloud, $54 at Nordstrom

15. Baublebar, Shiori Flower Drop Earrings, $48


Shop the styles online at:




Forever 21


Tory Burch


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