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15 Ways to Calm Your Nerves


gggWhether it’s midterms, work, or personal issues, nervousness and anxiety are hard to manage, especially when things keep adding up. Sometimes it’s better to take a step back and relax. There are so many ways that you can harness your emotions. Here’s 15 ways to calm and control your nerves.

1. Breathing exercises 

Breathe in and out slowly. Hold in your breath for a few seconds after each inhale. Try doing this for about 3-5 minutes when you get a surge of anxiety.

2. Adult colouring books

Not only are these so much fun, they’re really relaxing and calm down your nerves.

3. Yoga or meditate

Taking 15 minutes to an hour out of your day is a definite stress reliever. Finding a quiet place in your house and focus on meditating or follow a yoga video online.

4. Listen to happy music

Listen to the happiest playlist you can find, put your headphones in and turn up the volume when your anxiety kicks in.

5. Let it all come out 

Suppressing anxiety can make everything worse. When you’re nervous, try letting it all out. Punch a pillow, scream at the top of your lungs, cry — trust me it works.

6. Write in a journal

Writing down everything you’re feeling as the nerves come on is a great way to figure out how to deal with it.

7. Work, work, work

It’s proven that exercise will help put you at ease. So, go to the gym, go jogging, or exercise at home, just workout and you’ll definitely feel better.

8. Dance your troubles away

This is fun to do even when you’re not nervous. But it helps a lot when you are. Dance all your troubles away because sooner or later all your stress and nerves will be gone.

9. Take a hot bath 

For immediate relief, taking a hot bath will cause your body to relax, calming you down.

10. Schedule your worrying

Take an hour out of your day to simply worry on what is bothering you. That way, your stress is not open-minded. You’re only allowed to worry in that time period.

11. Go sans digital 

With social media, emails, and texting it seems like we’re available 24/7. Leave work at work, so that means do not check you’re email at home. Only check your phone once or twice throughout the day.

12. Stop drinking coffee

Because caffeine is a stimulant, it can trigger your anxiety. You may be a bit tired the first couple of days but it a big difference once it’s out of your system.

13. Laugh it off

Watch some funny videos on YouTube or watch a comedy movie, you’ll surely improve your mood and distract your mind.

14. Meet up with friends

Friends and family are a great distraction and mood booster. So catch up with them when you’re feeling nervous.

15. Know that it’s okay

It’s okay to have anxiety. Once you recognize your nervousness, you can then learn how to control it.

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