Quiz: What Type of Plant Should You Own?


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Welcome to your What Type of Plant Should You Own?




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Find the plant that best suits your lifestyle
House plants are a great way to bring nature into your home. But doing this is easier for some than for others. Take our quiz to find out which kind of house plant is right for you!
What is your morning routine like on a work day?
You associate the term annual" most with:
During an average month, how often do you tune into HGTV?
Have you ever owned a pet?
Your favourite herbs are:
Out of the following places in the home, where do you spend the most time?
Your favourite time of day is:
Your sweetie picks you up for a romantic dinner date and presents you with a single, long-stemmed red rose. Before leaving for dinner, you:
Out of the following places, which would you most enjoy going on a vacation to?
You associate the term "nursery" most with:

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