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3 classic high-end fragrances you’ll fall in love with (again) this spring


It seems like it’s finally time to freshen up your wardrobe, from your clothing to your shoes, to your beauty products. What about a new spring time scent, too? Your perfume is part of your signature style, so it only makes sense to update your fragrance along with your clothes. Indulge in one of these three classic high-end fragrances we fell in love with over and over again.

Marc Jacobs Daisy

This gem in a bottle is every woman’s favorite sweet and light springtime scent. The timeless bottle is a classic, from its first edition to its intricate anniversary editions. With its hints of strawberry, jasmine, and violet leaves, the fruity scent is a delicate everyday fragrance – in a charming little bottle. Also available in a rollerball format, for springtime, on-the-go.

Marc Jacobs Fragrances Daisy, from $34 at Sephora.

Tiffany & Co Eau de Parfum

Tiffany’s new present in a little blue box comes in the shape of a classy bottle this time. The iris flower is the key ingredient in this musky and sexy scent, accompanied by a touch of vert de mandarine and a patchouli base. The feminine fragrance comes in a classy 50ml bottle. The cherry on top? The iconic Tiffany blue ribbon.

Tiffany Eau de Parfum 50ml, $120 at Hudson’s Bay.

Miu Miu L’Eau Rosée Eau de Toilette

This musky blackcurrant and lily concoction is a springtime delight. Romantic and fresh, its hints of dew drops, wild rose, and jasmine are perfect to complement a sunny spring day, without compromising sexiness and femininity. The gorgeous light pink bottle is a plus for this new favorite of ours.

Miu Miu L’Eau Rosée Eau de Toilette 100ml, $135 at Hudson’s Bay.

Bonus : Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Fig Eau de Toilette

This new eau de toilette is a delicate blend of woody and citrus scents, with a fruity and fresh finish. Light and exquisite, it’s perfect if you’re looking for an everyday natural scent.


We’re offering you the chance to win the new Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Fig Eau de Toilette! Let us know in the comments below of this article what your favorite scent/fragrance is! Contest is open to all Canadian residents, and ends on April 3rd 2018. Good luck!

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