3 Eco-Friendly Beauty Favourites

Top picks from brands that ♥ the planet
More and more of us are trying to make daily decisions that will cause the least possible harm to the planet. Of course, choosing the “green” option may not always be the easiest, nor the most obvious. Luckily for us, certain labels have made a real effort to keep the environment in mind when creating the beauty products we so love. Here are some of our favourite products from these particularly eco-conscious brands.


When we think “natural cosmetics”, LUSH is usually one of the brands that comes to mind. Both in their formulas, as well as their packaging—or often lack thereof—their commitment to the environment is reflected: from not using preservatives in their products and trying to make as many solid ones as possible so they don’t need tubes or boxes, to using completely recycled pots and bottles.

We ♥: (1) Honey, I Washed the Kids Soap

Heaven in a soap bar; lathering up with this little delight makes it feel as though honey is dripping from your showerhead. The key to delicious-smelling skin!  $7.95 (100g) at LUSH stores and online.Burt’s Bees
From lip balms to baby products, Burt’s Bees has a vast offering that is 99% natural on average. Priding themselves in sticking to The Natural Standard—a set of guidelines created to help people identify products that adhere to certain rules regarding their contents, safety, and sustainability—and striving to become carbon free and operate on 100% renewable energy by 2020, we’d say Burt’s Bees is pretty much as “green” as you can get.We ♥: (2) Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Creme
A long-time favourite, this 100% natural, extra rich formula that contains sweet almond oil and vitamin E is one of the yummiest-smelling hand creams we’ve ever laid, well, hands on. $12.99 in pharmacies and online.Caudalie
A family company that was started 19 years ago in France, Caudalie is now a leader in antiaging products there. Its name—which represents the number of seconds the flavour of a wine remains on the palate—is a reflection of the fact that the brand was created after couple Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas discovered that the grape and vine held potent antioxidant properties. Their products follow what they call “cosm-ethics”: formulated with “green” active ingredients and without mineral oils and animal-derived raw materials, to name just two of the ingredients they steer clear of.We ♥: (3) Divine Oil
First off, we’re big fans of dry oil in general, so when we discovered this one, concocted with grape, hibiscus, sesame and argan oils, we were enchanted. With an ever so subtle floral fragrance with woodsy undertones, we love the way it feels on our skin. Plus, it’s a multi-tasking elixir that can be used everywhere from on your hands and nails, to in your hair! $59 (110mL) at Sephora, Murale and Ogilvy.

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