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3 Essential Gadgets for the House!


I recently moved into a new home, and it literally fills me with happiness! I finally have space, a backyard (not a balcony!) and a BBQ. I swear, these simple things have greatly been missed during my years living in a condo downtown.  I’m in the middle of a period of adapting to a house, and I already have some favourite gadgets. What are they? Read on.

The Dyson Pure Cool purifying tower fan, $649.99 online at Dyson.ca

I discovered this product during a trip to New York last spring. Beyond acting as a fan, what is it used for? It purifies the air and eliminates allergens, pollutants and dust particles in the air. It also filters odors and offers a fairly impressive air quality ratio. I used to have nasty reactions to the acari, arachnids that include mites and ticks found in dust, and I can now no longer do without this gadget at home. I installed it in the bedroom in order to enjoy a light breeze at night, and it also improved my breathing. I could never live without it anymore!

The Google Home Mini, $49 online

I had got my hands on a Google Home Mini last year, just before the holiday season, and I must admit that we quickly adapted to using the device! Since the move, I have purchased two more Home Minis, so there is now one on every floor of the house! I can now listen to music when I’m in the basement, play the news and ask for the weather when I’m cooking, or have my daily schedule dictated to me right off the bed. Isn’t that great? If you have not yet gotten your hands on this device, you should pick one up!

The Lattissima Nespresso Machine, $549 at Linen Chest

I’ve been a fan of Nespresso for a long time. I love discovering the flavors of the moment, and I am addicted to my daily coffee in the morning. I prefer lattes, and fell in love with their latest collaboration with the brand Delonghi: the Lattisima Machine, which creates the perfect cup! You can also make cappuccinos and macchiatos so you can enjoy your favourite beverage. Besides, isn’t the machine pretty? A great addition to my kitchen!

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