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3 Essentials For The New Mom


What should you keep in the diaper bag? Some spare onesies, pacifiers, bottles and a couple of toys are lifesavers.  New Moms, take note: here are three other essentials for your diaper bag. (Psssst! We have a great contest to get you set up!)

1. New Pampers Pure Protection Diapers

Pampers just launched a more natural, gentle collection: Pampers Pure Protection. made with high quality cotton and soft plant-based fibres.  They are hypo-allergenic and fragrance free. They are gentle on your baby’s skin and an essential for Moms on the go!

Pampers Pure Protection Diapers, $11.97 at drugstores

2. Baby Pajamas

You are going to need lots of baby pajamas. We like having having a few in our diaper bags so that your baby is always dry and comfortable. Our recommendation? Gap’s baby pajamas are cute and convenient.  You can buy them in singles or multi-packs. We love the adorable graphic bodysuits that are perfect for boys and girls.

Gap Baby Pajamas, $36.95 online

3. Kandoo and Boogie Cleaning Wipes

Any mom knows that the invention of baby wipes has been a life-saver! Whether it’s to clean up a quick mess or to help out with changing a cringe-worthy diaper, we love  Kandoo Wipes. They came out with a sister product – Boogie Wipes with saline to gently clean away, you guessed it, boogies.  They are a great alternative to scratchy tissues.
Kandoo Wipes, $10.95 at drug stores

(Win a Kandoo prize package by participating in the contest in our Facebook post! Good luck to all.)

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