3 Food Tips for a Delicious Dinner


Need some inspiration for your evening meals? Or just a little boost for successful supper? Here are three tips that will certainly be useful for your next meal.

Woodsy Salmon

A nice pink, juicy salmon filet on the grill… yummy! Fish lover: we invite you to try something new. It’s easy! A simple cedar plank for the barbecue and you’ll see the flavours multiply. Here are the instructions: soak the cooking accessory in water for 30 minutes. Put some weight on the plank so that it stays submerged, and don’t hesitate to add some flavour to the water. Citrus, herbs, the possibilities are endless. Then put the salmon on it, and head to the barbecue. All through the cooking time, spray some water on the piece of cedar (to avoid it catching fire). All that’s left is to eat. Bon appétit!


Garlic Perfection

Want perfectly-roasted garlic?Just sprinkle the bulb with some extra virgin olive oil, some white wine, and then season with salt and pepper. Wrap the whole in aluminum foil and pop it into a 350 degree. One hour later, your roasted garlic will be ready… and the heavenly scent will be wafting throughout your kitchen!

Easy Sauce Solution


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Love making your own pasta sauces, but hate it when it doesn’t stick beautifully to your spaghetti? To ensure it does, try adding some of the pasta water to your sauce. The starch from the spaghetti will help the sauce adhere to your pasta. Such a simple solution!

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