3 New Healthy Grocery Store Finds


Commute-Work-Sleep-Repeat. Does a return to routine seem a little sad? If we are totally for the idea of trying to have more healthy eating habits, we are also very much in favor of enjoying the simple pleasures in life. So, in order to add a little spice in your routine, we have found some new products in the grocery store that may be able to make you, and better appreciate the return to normal life!

Vegetable Bread Blend from PC Blue Menu, $3.99

Trading your slice of white bread for a healthier version: Okay, we’ve all thought about it but can’t make the switch. Now, the new vegetable bread from Blue Menu has us, can we say, obsessed!  A vegetable-based bread that tastes a bit sweet, just savoury enough, and, is good for us. Made up of 9 different vegetable purées, each slice provides a quarter portion of vegetables that we need, in addition to being a good source of fibre. We tried it in our morning grilled-cheese, and it’s quite divine! A must-try.

Guru Bio Light Energy Drink, $3

Are there too many calories in your favourite energy drink? No problem! Guru has recently launched a new low-calorie series, which has just 5 calories in every drink. Its taste is enhanced with organic flavors and lemon juice, and provides the same energy boost as the original beverage. In addition, the drink is now certified organic! Down with calories, right?

No Mylk’n Prana Chocolates, $5.49

Prana always has great products to discover, and our latest find is no exception. These hazelnut and crunchy rice chocolate pieces are made of vegan milk – perfect for people who are lactose-intolerant or live a vegan and gluten-free lifestyle. A chocolaty snack made of 40% cocoa that we can enjoy without the guilt!


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