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3 summer cocktail recipes to enjoy at home


Looking to start off the summer season with cocktail parties chez soi? You’ve come to the right place. From fruity sparkling drinks to ice cream floats (our personal favorite), summer cocktails are the best part of the season – along with the great weather, of course. Take a look at these delicious and easy-to-make recipes we bet you will be sipping on all summer long. Cheers!

Pina Colada Ice Cream Float

One of the easiest recipes to make, this tropical taste is sure to make to make a lasting impression. The secret ingredient is the scoop (or two) of ice cream you’ll be adding to it. You can make a pitcher full of this refreshing drink in under 20 minutes. Serve as you wish!

Our pick: the A Dish of Daily Life Pina Colada recipe with CoolWay Vanilla Bean ice cream, $6.99 in select grocery stores.

Berry Explosion

Pair your favorite sangria with fresh seasonal berries for a natural sweet and sour flavour. While markets are overflowing with fresh fruit, simmering a package of frozen berries on the stove first can add a juicier taste. Add in agave nectar or honey if you wish, for a twist on traditional red wine sangria.

Our pick: The Kitchn recipe with the President’s Choice 4-Berry Blend, $4.99 in select grocery stories.

Coconut Rum and Cola

This easy, 2-ingredient recipe is perfect if you don’t drink fruity cocktails but also don’t want a harsh tasting drink. For an added twist, try using flavored Diet Coke. The best part of this recipe is that you can make the drink to your taste. Don’t forget the lime!

Our pick The: Malibu Rum recipe with the Ginger Lime Diet Coke, $1.97 in select grocery stores.

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