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3 Tips For a Perfect Manicure


Although we always love to treat ourselves to a mani, sometimes it’s better to do it at home. The downside? Doing your nails can be super tricky! Here are three tips to make the process easier.


Polish Pro

The application of nail polish is an art form that can be perfected with lots of practice and patience. Here’s a trick for you: when a bubble is created, instead of wiping it away, add a droplet of nail polish remover with your finger. Your blunder will disappear, and then you can just apply another coat.

Lemons for strength
Lemons are great for whitening and strengthening your nails, and are a lot less expensive than the nail treatments available at drugstores. There are two ways to use lemons to your advantage: one is to squeeze some juice into a bowl and let your nails soak in it for a few minutes. Another alternative is to dig each one of your nails into its peel. You’ll see and feel the difference!

The proper way to file your nails
Do you file your nails the correct way? Never file them in a back and forth motion—it could cause you to have jagged tips. Always file them in the same direction; you’ll get a nice, smooth shape.

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