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3 Tips for Decorating at a Low Cost


If you want to decorate your home but your wallet doesn’t allow you to splurge, here are 3 tips that will help you liven up your space with a small budget!

Consider a cactus

If you want to add plants to your home but don’t exactly have a green thumb, consider adding a cactus or two- they are low maintenance and have a more exotic feel than most other potted plants.

Cheap and Easy Upgrade
If you’re looking to spruce up a room in the house and want to do it for cheap, try to update a few smaller items. A new rug, a new table lamp, or different curtains for your windows are all minor changes that can make a big difference in your home!

Don’t Redecorate


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Don’t have the energy to redecorate? Sometimes just switching around the furniture in a room can give it a whole new look and feel…

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