3 Tips for Future Moms


If your baby is due to arrive soon, here are 3 tips you might find useful before the newest addition to your family gets here!


Breastfeeding Prep
If you’ve decided during your pregnancy to go the breastfeeding route, it’s a good idea to prepare before your baby’s birth: although breastfeeding is natural, it is not necessarily instinctive. Get some pointers by speaking to a nurse or lactating consultant. To find a lactating consultant in your province, visit the Canadian Lactation Consultants Association.

Second-Hand Baby Equipment
Buying all the necessary items for baby can be quite expensive, and when you think about it, they won’t be of any use anymore in just a few years. Instead of purchasing everything new, why not check out craigslist.org or the local classifieds to find a second hand baby bed, changing table, or car seat? You’ll save loads of money, and be helping the environment by producing less waste. Just make sure the products you are acquiring are recent enough so that they meet current safety standards. For more safety information on child care equipment and children’s furniture, visit Health Canada’s website.

Proper Preggy Nutrition
Being pregnant requires a higher calorie intake; this means you should be eating two to three more portions of any one of the four food groups as defined by Canada’s Food Guide. For example, in addition to your usual meals, you could also snack on an extra piece of fruit and some yogurt (2 portions), or an extra piece of toast and glass of milk (2 portions).

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