3 Tips For Successful Eye Makeup


Here are three useful tips for #flawless eye makeup.


Steady Smoky Eye
The smoky eye, while flattering when executed impeccably, certainly isn’t easy to sport. And even when we master the technique, sometimes the look just won’t stay in place. But here’s a tip, straight from the pros: before applying the pigments on your eyelid, fill it in using a pencil eyeliner of the same shade. That way, the powder will remain in place once it is applied. However, since this trick isn’t fool-proof – too bad! –  the most apprehensive ladies should opt for a shade of pale grey or brown rather than black to avoid the inherent danger of smoky eyes.


 Kohl Pencil Tip

Drawing a thick line of kohl pencil all around your eyes could make them look smaller. To avoid the racoon look, start by lining your upper lid. Then, if you want, draw a thin line just below your lower lashes from the outer corner of your eye going inwards, stopping at about half the width of your eye.


Glamorize your eye shadow
Have you found the perfect shade of eye shadow, but want to glam it up for a night out? Add a tiny drop of hypoallergenic moisturizer (in a light, non-greasy formula) to the shadow—the result will be a richer, sexier, slightly shimmery version of the hue with an extra-long lasting finish!


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