3 Tips to Fight Fatigue at Work


Fatigue; the number one enemy of efficient work. Pretty hard to manage in the workplace, isn’t it? Workaholics rejoice! We’ve rounded up a few tips on how to refuel your energy without too much effort. It’s quite simple, you’ll see!

Eat some fibre


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A recent study at Cardiff University in Wales suggests that fibre helps slow down the absorption of food in the stomach, giving you more energy for a longer period of time. For an enthusiastic start to your day, try having a high-fibre cereal for breakfast.

No sugar, please!


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Often enough, once we reach midday, we feel the need for a pick-me-up. Our natural inclination is to race to the kitchen to get a hot cup of coffee (or tea), and sweeten it as though our life depended on it! While the high we experience enables us to get through the afternoon, we fail to realize that every high must come down. Needless to say, sugar is neither healthy nor very effective as an energy-booster. It’s best to drink coffee without the culprit, but if you must, natural sweeteners, such as pure maple syrup or agave nectar, will enhance your beverage of choice without the unpleasant and unhealthy side effects of the popular saccharide, or other artificial sweeteners.

Do some exercises


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In order to fight their afternoon energy low, some are doing a bit of exercise. If your schedule is too busy to allow you to step out to go to the gym or for a walk, know that there is an alternative: work out at your desk! Some moves require very little equipment—sometimes just a chair—and you can do them without your coworkers even noticing. Just a few series can help you boost your energy level, but also take a well deserved break from your computer or phone!


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