3 Tips to Help You Eat Better in Summer


In summer, we often pay less attention to our diets. The temptation to eat outside on a beautiful terrace can be overwhelming. But if you still want to pay attention to what you’re putting on your plate, here are 3 tips to help eat better this season.


Light Dip


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The presence of fat and oodles of calories in store-bought dips has definitely steered us away from ‘em during snack time! But instead of depriving yourself of crudités, here is a healthier alternative: mix your fave light dressing with some plain yogourt, and add your favorite spices. It’s that easy!


Say ‘yes’ to cruciferous Veggies!


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Cruciferous vegetables are known for their cancer-preventing properties, particularly colon cancer, as they contain soluble fibre, vitamin C and beta carotene. Next time you’re at the grocery store, stock your cart with plenty of Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and bok choy!


Water… Improved!


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We know proper hydration is very important, particularly while exercising. However, plain ol’ water can taste rather, well, plain. Why not revamp your H20 by adding coriander and a slice of lime, or even mint leaves and lemon?  Even cucumber slices or pieces of strawberry make for interesting flavours. The trick is to refrigerate it overnight and drink it within the following 24 hours, since the ingredients will become way too strong and aromatic after that. Simple and delicious!

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