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3 Tips to Improve Your Eating Habits At Work

It’s been some time since I became aware of the importance of eating well. With busy work days, girl’s nights out and extra projects, I only have so much time to devote to eating well. However, by making sure that I eat the right foods and good portions, I have realized that my energy level had boosted, and that the days went by a lot faster.
Subway has recently conducted a survey with 1500 men and women from 18 to 54 years old, representative of the american population, in order to discover the generation X and the generation Y’s eating habits. You might think that you have healthy habits, but it isn’t the case for the majority of people. Here are some shockingly true numbers:
  • 70% of workers take 30 minutes or less to eat at lunch break;
  • 20% of generation Y take less than 15 minutes to go eat, compared to 11% for  generation X;
  • More than half of the workers would like to be able to nap at lunch, and generation Y are more favorable to this idea than generation X;
  • 49% think they would make better eating decisions if they took their lunch break


The survey also picked up some interesting facts. It says that 27% of workers would rather eat a meat and vegetable sandwich at lunch, compared to 21% who would rather eat a burger and fries. 21% would rather eat last night’s leftovers, 16% would want a salad and veggies, and only 3% would eat snacks from a vending machine. What do you think about these statistics? Do you see yourself in these numbers?

Despite the improvements I’ve made to my habits, I have to admit that it is still hard for me to eat a good healthy lunch. Because I’m always rushing around, it is often the least nutritious meal of the day, or the most incomplete one. A few veggies, a piece of bread and some dip, it is probably not enough to keep me energized for the rest of the day! Here are some tips that help me lunch better:

1. When doing the groceries, I buy foods according to my lunches as well! A meal for two becomes a meal for four instead, considering my lover’s lunches as well (if I’m gonna eat well, he’s going to too!)

2. Sunday afternoons, which is when I do my groceries, I make a few healthy snacks that I can easily incorporate into my lunches. This helps me get all the nutrients I need on days where my lunch isn’t as complete.

3. When I know that I won’t bring lunch the next day, I look around the office to find some healthier restaurants, like Subway. A sandwich, a soup and a drink, here’s a nutritious food option!


For the #NationalSandwichDay on November 3rd, I will probably go for their new sandwich, the prime rib melt! In order to #SaveLunchBreak and even your college’s diner, if you buy a sandwich with a drink, Subway restaurants will give you one sandwich for free on November 3rd. Yum! You really have no excuse not to eat lunch now. What about you, what is your tip for good and healthy lunches?

This has been made possible thanks to Subway.

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