3 Ways to Bring the Beach to Your Beauty Routine


Summer is in full swing, and if you’re anything like me you’ve been gazing out the window of the office with the kind of desire usually reserved for black and white pictures of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Everyone seems to be partying it up at the beach! This song has been stuck in my head all day, and I spent most of this morning watching this music video on repeat:

Ugh, beaches in Hawaii – do you die? The only salt water in my life are tears in my coffee as I exist in a state of perpetual envy of those who get meet really, really ridiculously good-looking strangers on the beach! I just want to jam out in a tropical jungle!

But I digress. Here are some tips on how to bring the beach to your beauty routine. Fake it till you make it, amirite?

1. Coconut
I live and thrive for coconut scented products! It’s the perfect way to smell super fresh and beachy all day without having to wear any straight-up boring suntan lotion. Slather on some coconut scented moisturizer and you can smell like the beach all day. Click here for some of our fave coconut picks!

2. Surf Spray
What better way to look like you’re fresh off an afternoon of kayaking through a casual rainforest than beachy waves? Getting perfect surfer girl hair is always a challenge, but the trick is to put on some surf spray when it’s only slightly damp, and letting it dry completely in a high bun. Surf spray is the secret weapon to get that slightly messy, tangled beachy texture.
Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray, $29.50, available at Sephora

3. Self Tanner (or just a lot of bronzer)
I hear you – self-tanner is scary and you don’t want to use it! But there are really subtle, gradual self-tanners you can use over an extended period of time to help you get that glow like you’ve just spent a lot of quality time with the great outdoors. We’re loving this gradual self-tanning night moisture mask! For a complete guide to DIY tans, click here.
Vita Liberata Trystal Self Tanning Night Moisture Mask $56, available at Sephora

Bonus tip: Iced tea
One way to for sure bring the beach to your desk is with a big old glass of iced tea. Does anything taste more summery? Have I been craving Nestea all day and am now using this article as a desperate cry for help? You be the judge! Regardless, Nestea is running a super cool “keep it fresh” campaign, featuring even more distracting videos of beaches. Plus, check out our Long Island Iced Tea recipe for a seamless day-to-night transition when you finally get off work, as well as our recently launched cocktail finder for even more inspiration.

So what do you think? Are you going to start incorporating beach inspiration into your beauty routine? Will someone PLEASE send me an iced tea, already? And are you as obsessed with the Nico & Vinz music video as I am??

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