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3 Ways to Get Longer Hair


Nothing fascinates me more than people whose hair grows back so fast that they often have to get it cut again shortly after getting a haircut. What?! Clearly, I wasn’t blessed with the long hair gene. I envy women who have to give up a cut because it no longer looks like it should, those whose bangs are already too long after only two weeks and even those who easily sport “angel” waves like a Victoria’s Secret model– a girl can dream! Recently, I decided to fix my thin and weak hair once and for all, and as such, I tested three treatments for a full and healthy mane. Here are my impressions.



I hadn’t heard much about this brand until recently, yet Viviscal has been available in Canada since 2013. Women in Hollywood have long been addicted to their supplements, of which two capsules daily promise to strengthen, brighten and more importantly, lengthen your hair in only a few months. I had read some comments warning against taking these supplements in large doses, but I was relieved to learn that they are completely safe to take. While I would sometimes forget to take my daily dose, my hair still became stronger and began growing more rapidly after only a few weeks. Keep in mind that you must take the recommended dose of two capsules per day to see results. What’s the verdict? I highly recommend it!

Scalp microdermabrasion


Courtesy of Nioxin, this treatment acts on your dehydrated scalp and clogged pores, which slow down hair growth. We take such good care of the skin on our face, but what about the skin beneath our mane? This three-step program you can get at the hair salon begins with a microdermabrasion formula that removes unwanted particles and thoroughly cleans the scalp. A massaging lotion, which penetrates the scalp for 10 minutes follows right after before rinsing and washing the hair with Nioxin products. Contrary to what you may believe, no special device is used, only Nioxin products, which purify the scalp and promote hair growth. I felt a refreshing sensation during my treatment and left with a lighter-feeling mane. What’s the verdict: this is a treatment you pamper yourself with every season!

Nioxin SCALP RENEW Treatment, approximately $60 at select salons.

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A rather simple method, imagine a shampoo that helps with hair growth. There are a slew of these targeted products on store shelves, the trick is finding the one. Since it came highly recommended, I went straight for NEW! by Lush, a fresh, handmade shampoo bar. Made with cinnamon and cloves, it stimulates the scalp and regenerates dull-looking hair. It creates a rich lather and you feel a fresh sensation upon application. While it takes a while longer before you see any results, fans who have been using it for a long time now swear by it. And we’ll take their word for it. What’s the verdict? Use this product together with another for best results.

$11.95 in stores and online.


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