3 Ways to Really Improve your Health


Easy changes that can make a big difference
For many people, leading a healthy lifestyle includes going to the gym, sipping zero calorie soft drinks, and counting calories when they eat. In the last few months, we came across a few nutrition-related documentaries (yay, Netflix!) that really changed our vision of things; that’s why we’ve decided to share the three main things we’ve learned, which can really make a difference in helping you improve your overall health.

Drink (a lot) more water.


What’s the first thing you ingest every day? For many of us, it may be a cup of coffee, or maybe a piece of toast. Others may not even eat breakfast, even though it’s been proven that it is, in fact, the most important meal of the day. We won’t go into the benefits of having a healthy meal in the morning, but what we’ve learned is that before you even think about eating, the first thing you should be doing is drinking water, and a lot of it.

Here’s why:

– You’ll feel more energized to start your day. Your body has been at work all night long metabolizing nutrients, and its fluids need to be replenished. Being dehydrated can cause you to feel tired; wouldn’t you love to rid yourself of that feeling in the morning?
-It’ll flush out toxins in your digestive system. Your body will therefore be ready to digest all the nutrients you feed it during the day.
– It jumps starts your metabolism. This will increase the rate at which your body burns calories throughout the day.

Start juicing


Sure, buying a juicer and keeping a lot of fresh produce on hand may seem like a hassle, or a bunch of extra expenses. But here’s what has us convinced that drinking up fresh fruit and vegetable juices at least once a day is a super smart move for our health:

-It takes a whole lot of fruits and veggies to make one glass of juice—much more than we usually manage to eat in an entire day. And since they’re packed with the nutrients our body needs to function properly, stocking up on so much more of them can only be a good thing.
-Drinking juice is convenient and easy. Eating tonnes of fruits and vegetables is not necessarily. We drink juice while we check our emails, scour our closet for what to wear, and even while we do our makeup. It’s neat and mess-free!
-Your body absorbs nutrients faster in liquid form. Raw fruit and vegetable juices are easier for your body to digest than the actual foods they are made from.

Reverse the food group proportions on your plate.
Think about what your plate looks like at any given meal. We bet what takes up most of your plate is some kind of meat or protein, which is accompanied by another portion, almost equal in size, of carbs (bread, or rice, maybe?), with a tiny portion of veggies on the side. Want to make a change for your health? Try filling half your plate with fruits and vegetables instead, and eating a smaller portion of grains, as well as meat and protein.


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