3 ways to take care of yourself online!


We saw the Bell Let’s Talk Day happening last week, then we thought: Isn’t that a great way to use technology these days, and to highlight the positive side of the web age? So we gathered three online health tools that made a difference in our lives, and we had to share them with you!

Manage your health through the Carebook app
If you feel the need to be more in control of your health, this app is for you. Carebook is an online initiative that allows everyone to manage and improve their health, keeping in mind some data about our health. Family history details, how many times do we exercise and even what we eat, everything is taken into account. There is even a version for employers – awesome isn’t? So, no more reason not to be in shape with this easy to use find.
Do you have a problem that you are unable to stop thinking about? Or you would like to consult a psychologist, but you have no time? Did you know that there is a website through which you can consult a psychologist online? This is exactly what Pause-Therapie offers: the ability to schedule an online session according to the availability of everyone, or even to talk to someone on the spot if a psychologist is available when you are. The cost? About $30 for 20 minutes. Easy, practical and reassuring, we love the idea!
These meditation applications have gained popularity over the past few years, and with reason. This practice is said to be essential to our well-being, but yet many people still seem to be intimidated by meditation (including us!) We like Headspace, which offers several types of meditation, emphasizing different areas of our lives (relationships, anxiety, etc.). The cost for the basic subscription is less than $10 per month. A nice way to take care of yourself via our phone!

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