Goose Island: The Hip Brewery


Beer lovers already know about it, and anyone who’s visited Chicago more than once are probably familiar with the brand. Not surprising: Goose Island is an amazing brewery, founded in chi-town in 1988. The brand produces high quality beer in an authentic and modern fashion. Even better, visiting the place plunges you into an universe of trends, luxury and good taste. Cheers!



The story began when John Hall, the founder, had the idea of recreating a handmade beer in his hometown after a trip to Europe – where all the good beers are, like we all know. Back in Chicago, he started this project, and drew inspiration from tastes and new emerging trends in the metropolis. And his first beers were born, success.

Today, this label produces over fifty different beers, all very different and interesting to discover. My favourite, the Sofie, is a white beer that ages in a wine barrel, and compliments fresh meals or can be drunk as a pre-dinner drink. Her definition mentions hints of vanilla and is perfect for champagne lovers (that’s me!). IPA fans will be more than happy with Goose Island, who offers a wide variety of this type of beers, as well as their unique sour beers (must try!) like the Lolita. Each beer has a particular name that refers to a certain story. Also, although they age their beers in wine barrels, some of them get the change to age in whiskey barrels, which gives them an even more refined taste.


If you have a chance to visit Chicago, visiting this brewery is a must. There, you will have the chance to learn about the process of fermentation, as well as try out some beers. And if you also want to brunch with a taste of beer, visit one of the various Brewpubs by Goose Island, all of them offering some fabulous menus to accompany your beers.

The relationship between food and beer, Goose Island totally got it. During my visit there in September, I was lucky enough to assist to their infamous Block Party, which happens in the street where the brewery is situated. This beer festival, combining both music and food attracts only the trendiest people in town. Because yes, Goose Island is in. Some of their beers are even in certain groceries and specialized stores. Happy discovery!



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