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4 Alcoholic Beverages With Matching Jumpsuits


Each drink comes with a matching jumpsuit!
As you know, we like to make everything a little more fashion here at divine.ca. When it comes to style, that’s our true passion! Well, we had the chance to find a few alcoholic beverages perfect for summer, and we really, really wanted to share them with you. And to do this, we decided to showcase them with their fashion equivalent, for a combination theme. Chic, casual, colourful – each drink has its own one-piece. So here’s what you need to have an absolutely gorgeous summer on all fronts!

Sauza Tequila

Tequila is essential for making tasty margaritas. But did you know that there are lots of other recipes that you can use tequila for? And no, we’re not talking about the classic shot-salt-lemon. These cocktails are perfect to inspire you to rock this gorgeous khaki jumpsuit, ideal for a summer evening.

Sleeveless jumpsuit by Reitmans, $56 in stores and online.
Sauza Tequila, silver, $44.25 for 1.14L at the
SAQ and online.


Veuve Cliquot Rich

Ah, champagne. The perfect drink for when it’s time to celebrate – and for that kind of occasion, we definitely want to look (and feel!) elegant. This timeless jumpsuit has gorgeous details on the sleeves, and an open back. Tres chic!

Acacia Embroidered Jumpsuit by Anthropologie, $188 in stores and online.
Veuve Cliquot Rich, $81.75 for 740 mL at the SAQ.


Snapple spiked peach tea vodka

We picked a colourful combination to go with this fruity, ready-to-drink cocktail. Peach tea with vodka is the perfect, refreshing drink for summer! We’d take both of these to the beach and the park.

Printed jumpsuit by Zara, $45.90, in stores and online.
Snapple spiked peach tea vodka, $3.25 for 458 mL at the SAQ.


Grey Goose Cherry Noir

The bottle isn’t anything new – but the combination of alcohol with cherries and oregano herbs that is, and we wanted to share the good news with you. This is difinitive proof that a cocktail doesn’t need a lot of ingredients to be spectacular! And what is there to say about this jumpsuit, except that it goes wonderfully with this cocktail!

Tabata Jumpsuit by
Aritzia, $75 in stores and online.
Grey Goose Cherry Noir, $46.75 for 750 mL at the

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