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4 Canadian Spirits to Try This Fall


Are you a cocktail lover? If so, take notes! We have found a few different liquors that are made here, in Canada. Quality, good taste and innovation are what define these products that have become favorites of the editorial team!

Hounds Vodka

Black vodka? Hounds has found a way to make this happen! The spirit was created with an exclusive formula of fulvic minerals combined with an infusion of humic acid. Vodka, which is usually recognized by its clear and transparent colour, now takes on a velvety, black finish. Enjoy it alone or in a cocktail.

Ungava Gin

If you are more fond of gin, you will fall under the spell of this refreshing version featuring botanical accents. The recipe behind this gin brings together six different plants from the great Canadian North, paying homage to the nature of our beautiful country.  A gin with a very special taste and a smooth finish!

LS Cream

Inspired by Caribbean cremas, this Montreal-based company, created a delicious beverage that will make you forget about traditional Irish Creams. The recipe is a mixture of exotic spices and cream that transports us to paradise. Excellent to accompany dessert or simply on its own!

Bold Vodka

A Quebec spirit that, after only a few months on the market, has already become an award winner. This vodka is distilled from pure water from La Mauricie, and is a quality choice at an affordable price, in addition to being manufactured in Quebec. Cheers to that!

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