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4 Health Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet


According to the Canadian Pork Council, the average Canadian consumes roughly 74 grams of red meat each day. Of this amount, 22 grams are in the form of processed meats, which means foods like lunch meats, sausages, hot dogs, and bacon. What do these statistics mean to you in real-life terms? Quite possibly a lower level of health.

Many reputable sources are now suggesting that it is a diet high in red meat that is to blame for a lot of the health-based crises we’re experiencing not only in our nation, but in the world in general. This is because red meat has been linked to a number of different health conditions, some of which could be life threatening.

That’s why many agencies are pushing for plant-based diets instead. And here are the benefits people are receiving when they change their eating patterns to include less meat and more plants:


1. Lower Cancer Risk
The World Health Organization (WHO) warns that eating a diet higher in red meat potentially puts you at risk of developing various cancers, as research is finding a correlation between the two. The strongest link appears to be related to colorectal cancer, but there is also a concern that meat-based diets could also raise your risk of stomach cancer as well. Therefore, eating less meat and more plants can potentially lower your risk of cancer in general.

2. Greater Digestive Health
One of the best qualities of plants, other than the many vitamins and minerals they contain, is that most of them have a high amount of fiber. This makes them better for your digestive tract. They help your body effectively rid itself of any toxins it’s taken in while also absorbing all of the positive nutrients the foods have to offer. Plus, your bathroom time generally becomes easier due to the higher fiber intake when on a plant-based diet.

3. Diabetes Prevention
The most recent statistics provided from the Public Health Agency of Canada indicate that there are more than 200,000 Canadians diagnosed with diabetes annually, with males having a higher risk of this particular condition than females. Sadly, most of these cases can be prevented simply by watching what they eat, because type 2 diabetes is commonly brought on by larger waistlines. Choosing plant-based foods is one positive way to help lower your weight, which then lowers your risk of ever receiving this diagnosis.

4. Relief From Multiple Other Health Issues
While a number of people rely on modern-day medicine to help cure them of their ills, others focus on using integrative medicine—a more natural approach—instead, and are getting positive results when they do. In other words, sometimes changing your diet and focusing more on plant-based foods can help relieve, if not resolve, a number of different health issues. For instance, Intent Blog published a post about one woman who juiced while cutting meat out of her diet. This ultimately helped her resolve her skin condition without taking prescriptions or going through costly and time-intensive medical procedures and treatments.

Essentially, by eating a plant-based diet, you’re increasing your health while lowering your risk of disease at the same time. That’s a trade-off that’s likely to not only enhance your quality of life, but lengthen it as well.

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