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4 Instagram Accounts to Follow right now!


Instagram is by far my favourite social media. I spend hours on it, getting inspired and finding and learning about bloggers, celebrities and famous personalities from around the world. Because it’s the new year, I wanted to share some of my favourite bloggers with you. If you don’t know them already, I suggest you follow them for an extra dose of daily inspiration on your feed!



Blogger Julia Engel is the lady behind Gal Meets Glam, a travel and fashion oriented blog. If she, like many, is lucky enough to share her life with her recognized photograph, she is also able to inspire us while conserving her i-don’t-know-what factor that is totally realistic. Her feed is all about outfits, landscapes and feminine touches. Definitely worth following.




The founder of the website Hippie Lane Taline Gabrielan shares gorgeous pictures of her vegan culinary creations on Instagram. Her pictures are pretty, delicious and 100% healthy. To get some inspiration, to test out her recipes, or simply to follow a healthy foodie’s account, hers is worth a follow.




This beautiful blonde New Yorker is first and foremost obsessed with braids. Her looks are so pretty that we wonder how she finds the time to braid so perfectly with two little toddlers at home. Her pictures include cute shots of her kids, braids (iiiih!) and hair, trips and certainly a lot of smiles. We also follow her blog bloguebarefootblonde for even more looks!




This lifestyle blogger is one of my favourites. Amanda is the queen of hosting events at home. Her pictures of decorated dining tables, cocktail trays and decoration ideas are simply beautiful. A young mother -and New Yorker!-, she seems to be living the dream in her brand-named heels. We also follow her on fashionablehostess for more details and inspiration.

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