4 Montreal Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow on Instagram Immediately


We’re starting to enter one of the trickiest fashion seasons – the late summer/early fall transition period. This is an emotionally challenging season, because chances are your feelings are pitted in an all-out cage match for your soul and well-being as you attempt to negotiate profound boredom towards your summer wardrobe while simultaneously existing in a state of absolute denial that it’s about to “change.” Unreasonably early “back-to-school” ads have been appearing all over the place, foreshadowing impeding misery. Ignore these harbingers of doom and don’t even worry about how your wardrobe is going to make the transition. There’s still lots of summer left. But for now, follow these Montreal fashion bloggers who are so stylish that when the time does come (eventually) you’ll have no problem getting inspired to mix-n-match your essentials.

1. @gabriellecosentino: This model/blogger is a master of the effortless, casual-chic

2. @ilike.iwear:
Master of monochrome, Candice Pantin always manages to perfectly pair blacks and whites. Get inspired for some serious minimalism!

3. @aniklacasse: The perfect amount of girly and trendy

A photo posted by Anik (@aniklacasse) on

4. @thebohochild:
Not only will you get super inspired to go full boho and wear nothing but printed pants forever, but Amélie also posts loads of inspirational yoga pictures.

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What do you think? Did I miss any trendy bloggers?

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