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4 new healthy ingredients to adopt


We have selected some of the newest ingredients under the spotlight in 2019 that have a wide variety of benefits for the body. Add or substitute these in your daily for a boost of nutrients and a change of habits!

Green banana flour

Bananas are known for their high content of potassium and the ripe banana is a healthy snack, ideal after workouts. However, we often forget the unripe, green banana. To differentiate with the plantain, the green banana is sliced, dried, then grounded into flour. It contains an incredible quantity of resistant starch that can help decrease blood sugar levels as well as cholesterol! Gluten-free, it’s also an amazing alternative for people who are gluten intolerant or have celiac.


More and more popular amongst beauty gurus, turmeric, a vibrant yellow powder, grounded from the roots of the plant is widely used as dye or a homemade face mask essential. In the kitchen however, turmeric is often used with flour to make bread or a beautiful, golden turmeric tea. Not only does this spice add a nice touch of color to the dish, it also is an excellent ingredient that detoxifies the body and relieves pain.

Blue Algae

Blue-Green Algae has always been seen as a bacteria invading the oceans and ruining the environment. However, it can also be a great source of nutrients. As a matter of fact, it contains a high concentration of vitamins, proteins and enzymes that can be absorbed up to 97% by the human body. This vibrant blue powder can be added in smoothies or other recipes of choice to give it a splash of color and a boost of supplements!

Avocado Oil

Tired of olive oil and looking for a healthier option than canola oil? Look no further, avocado oil is here to save the day. Aside from containing almost the same nutrients as the olive oil, avocado oil can even lower blood pressure by increasing the “good cholesterol” in our system. It also has a high smoking point, which means it releases a very little quantity of cancer prone substances even at a high temperature for cooking. Moreover, avocado oil is a nice ingredient for skin care as it barely clogs pores but an amazing moisturizer, ranked as highly as jojoba and almond oil.

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