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4 New Skincare Essentials (Tested and Approved by our EIC!)

The past few months have been an exciting time for the beauty industry, so I wanted to give you a little heads-up of what has caught my attention at press launches and beauty presentations. Are you more into oils or gel creams? You will definitely find your favorite among my recommendations!

Olay Whips
A new era of face creams is born at Olay, and I completely fell for their texture! The Olay whips are, as their name suggests, are whipped and creamy in texture, and their light formula literally melts on the skin. The fragrance is also very pretty, and the range is an extension of three lines at Olay (Regenerist, Total effects and Luminous).  They all have an SPF of 25. A good and affordable option for the skin-care lover!


$29.99 in pharmacy.

Essential Energy by Shiseido
The Japanese brand just launched a new line with ReNeura technology. ReNeura, awakens and reactivates the skin with the help of a green plant named Ashitaba. The bottles are sublime – and apparently each one is different –  and the textures are perfect! My favorite is the gel cream, which applies incredibly well in the morning before makeup, and which will also be my go to this summer when it will be warmer outside!
$48 at beauty counters.

Caudalie Premier Cru oil

I already have a deep love for the original Caudalie products, but when the new line called Premier Cru came into my life, I thought I would take my time to test it. Then, I fell in love with the subtle fragrance, and recently, a blogger told me about the oil and how much it had changed the condition of her skin. So I tested this oil more regularly, and I must admit, it is magical! Combining all the key ingredients of Caudalie, it leaves the skin smooth and bright.

$110 in stores.

Aquasource Everplump of Biotherm

I had talked about this line already when it launched last Summer, but it still is one of my favorite skincare brands of the moment. I guess that I have a thing for light textures that disappears on the skin. Personally, I have very dehydrated skin, but I do not particularly like to apply a rich cream during the day. This Biotherm line has performed miracles on my skin, restoring hydration and smoothing any signs of fatigue, all in a gel formula. The secret ingredient? The Blue Hyaluron, a hyaluronic acid that boosts the level of hydration and does wonders for our skin!

$62 in pharmacy.

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