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4 reasons to buy the new Lincoln Navigator 2018!


I recently took part in a press trip with Lincoln in beautiful Whistler, to test and discover the all-new Lincoln Navigator 2018. For a few days, we were treated to a world of luxury and class, ranging from helicopter tours, massages and spa treatments and meals in some of the best restaurants in the area. I think that luxury is, above all, a lifestyle, so here’s why I completely fell in love with this new luxury SUV!

Maximized space

Those with children know how important it is to invest on a car that offers a lot of space. In an interview with the director of marketing for Lincoln Canada, Terry Erb, I learned that contrary to what we might think, a majority of women seem to opt for SUV-type vehicles. Is it because they are even more involved in doing the groceries and errands for the whole family? Maybe. The new Lincoln Navigator is one of the largest vehicles on the market, which is definitely a great asset to consider!

State of the art technology

I was very impressed with the navigation system as well as the tablets included in the car. The passengers at the back can listen to personalized movies, the sound system is ultra-efficient, and the navigation system connects to any phone (Apple or Android), guiding us easily from one place to another. Personally, I still have to use my phone to know my way to a specific place, so I’m always happy to find a screen that is easy to manipulate in a car. That, is definitely called luxury.

A breathtaking interior

My first comment when I saw the car at the Montreal Auto Show a few weeks ago was the fact that the inside of the car is absolutely gorgeous. The leather seats are of high quality, and a piece  of real wood has been added in the middle of the car. During my test drive, I spent several hours on the road making the trip between Vancouver and Whistler and then moving around the village, and I must say that the comfort of the car was greatly appreciated.

Brand reputation

I would finish by talking about the history and the solid reputation that Lincoln has been holding for several years. Investing in a car that has a fairly high price means you have to trust the brand and what it has to offer. Lincoln is increasingly trying to address a younger generation in order to offer them quality vehicles that meet all their needs. I have always liked this brand, but I must admit, after having experienced it myself, I now dream that one day, I’ll be able to buy a Lincoln on my own!

Curious to see more about this luxurious car? Watch my vlog here:

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