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4 Spanish Persimmon Recipes to Try This Season


No, they’re not funny-looking tomatoes, they’re called persimmons, they’re in season and quite delicious to tell you the truth! If you’ve never cooked with it or even tasted one before, here are four delicious recipes that just might change things! You should know that there are different varieties. Some are much more astringent than others and need to be perfectly ripe to be eaten.The Persimon® from Ribera del Xúquer however, has a sweet and juicy peach flavor and may be consumed when still very firm.

Still need a reason to try the recipes below? Well, know that persimmons are also a very good source of vitamin A and C and a powerful antioxidant. They’re even rich in fiber, potassium and magnesium!

Roast chicken with Persimon®, fennel and olives


Grilled Persimon® crostini with manchego and wine reduction


Persimon® wrapped in serrano ham with manchego and watercress


Pork chops with Persimon® chutney


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