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4 Stylish Sports Brands We Love

If you are like me, you may find that sports clothing all looks alike. They seem to have the  same cutsthe same look and the same technical details that seem essential for athletes. I’ve never been very into sports preferring clothes that are more stylish even for exercise. Clothes that make me feel more like myself and are fashionable. And you know what? It’s totally possible! Here are four brands that I am currently loving:

Do you know Luhta? This Finnish outerwear brand is definitely our discovery of the year. We have a crush on  both their urban and outdoor styles that  look great even in the midst of snow storms. They are the perfect coats for skiers looking for style and comfort and they even have other looks that will appeal to the less active fashionista. Personally, I like their fitted coats – they are a sporty, yet stylish look. Luhta is definitely a brand to keep top of mind for your next winter coat purchase.

Columbia has distinguished itself in the sportswear market over the last few years by designing technical, well thought out , practical clothing. I recently attended a presentation for their spring-summer collections, and found myself falling for a few pieces.  They launched a fashion collection that features more avant-garde items that are stylish yet made in material perfect for a work out. They even have an imitation leather motorcycle jacket that is perfect for looking stylish while running errands. The innovative brand also has a raincoat that is as light as a mobile phone and a reversible sporty jacket that is so beautiful that even I (the non-sporty girl) fell in love with. Columbia also has a children’s collection that protects your little ones from UV rays. There is pretty much everything that we need in our closet, right?

Hyba, which has only been in the market for a few years, is another brand that I love. I can wear the printed leggings to go to the grocery store, and  usually wear a Hyba sweater in the house. The items are beautiful, trendy and ultra comfortable. They also have amazing sports bras that come in a wide range of sizes so that there is something for everyone to wear for their workouts.

We love stylish, straight modern cuts that this brand offers.The clothes are made to feel good, whether you are into climbing or simply love to take walks – they just work. A favourite item is  the puffed coat that can be folded into a small packet making it ideal for travel. Their coats are warm and stylish and they offer a wide array of accessories to keep you cozy even in the cold.

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