4 tips to Host the Ultimate Bachelor Canada Viewing Party


The Bachelor Canada may be on a journey to find true love, but you and your best friends may just be ready for a weekly escape from the drama of everyday life.  If you are anything like me and my friends, a perfect pairing is to watch this not so guilty pleasure together and comment on the action.  Having a weekly viewing party is the ultimate way to enjoy The Bachelor Canada and we are giving you the tips that you need to be the hostess with the mostess:

Tip #1 – Make Sure that Your Friends will Accept Your Rose AKA Show Up Weekly

The Bachelor Canada is appointment TV and a great way to make sure that everyone is there for the right reasons, rotate houses.  Send out a weekly invite, with a reminder of where to be and what’s on the menu.

Tip #2 – Come Up With a New Menu Every Week

Are you the type who gets bored with the same take out each week?  Why not spice things up with make your own pizzas using elevated ingredients.  Think individual pizza shells with a variety of toppings like brie with pear and arugula or Lankaaster cheese with apple and prosciutto.  You can also take yourself on a food journey around the world and theme the menu around where the show will be travelling to.  For example, if the show is going to the Caribbean, serve foods like jerk chicken and plantain to keep the menu interesting.  For the hometown dates, come up with a combination of foods that each province is known for.  For the finale, serve elegant finger foods like you would get at any engagement party.

Tip # 3 – Pair Your Foods with the Ideal Wine

Two Oceans is the official wine of The Bachelor Canada and the perfect wait to toast your friends at your viewing party.  Try a different type of wine each week.  Here are some suggesting pairings:

  • A crisp, fresh Sauvignon Blanc, plays well off of the brie, pair and arugula pizza suggested above. It cuts through the richness of the cheese.  It also works well with pasta, seafood or poultry dishes like jerk chicken.
  • Two Oceans’ Pinot Grigio is another popular white. It’s light, fruity/floral flavour makes it perfect with everything from pizza to salads.  It’s the perfect wine for episodes where The Bachelor Canada is on the beach.
  • Why not skip dinner and just do wine and dessert? A sweet, fruity Moscato is a great way to have your cake and eat it too.  You can decorate cupcakes with little red roses and tuxedos to theme it around the show!  Make this the theme for the “Fantasy Sweets” episode.
  • For the finale, when our Bachelor is torn between two women, try a Pinot Noir – this is a smooth wine for when you can’t decide between something lighter or more full-bodied. It works with any a variety of foods, making it the perfect pairing for hors d’oeuvres.

Tip # 4 – Make it Fun!

Sites like Pinterest have great ideas for viewing parties.  Make your own party or one-on-one fun with prediction cards for the final four, Bachelor Canada Bingo when they use common show expressions (you know the ones if you are a fan) or even have roses and candles as decorations. Ring pops for the finale are a cute touch as well.

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*This article is sponsored by Two Oceans.

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