5 Benefits of Using an Electric Toothbrush


Confession: I have been using an electric toothbrush for almost 5 years now, and yes, it actually changed my life. I take more time to clean my teeth I take care of my toothbrush in order to keep it as clean as possible, and I always make sure it is fully charged. It’s not something we do with a regular toothbrush, right? That’s why it’s important to know what the benefits of an electric toothbrush are in order to truly understand why you should make this investment in your oral care. Here are 5 benefits that may surprise you!

  1. It can help with sensitive teeth

How many times have you put too much pressure on your toothbrush and hurt your gums and teeth in the process? We all have a tendency to brush too hard, but this can be damaging to your teeth and make your gums even more sensitive. With the FlexCare Platinum Connected Electric Toothbrush by Philips, the process is gentle, effective, and one session is the equivalent of a month of manually brushing your teeth!

  1. A complete cleaning process

Since you don’t have to brush as aggressively, there is less pressure on your teeth and gums. Dentists sometimes notice that brushing patterns may vary depending on which hand you write with; we can scrub harder on one side, which can obviously cause problems. But, because the electric toothbrush does the job for us, it improves our brushing technique. The FlexCare Platinum Connected’s Adaptive Clean head is the only electric toothbrush head to offer rubber sides, which eliminates pressure on your gums and makes it a lot gentler to use.

  1. Easier to use

Electric toothbrushes, like the FlexCare Platinum Connected by Philips have a head that is slimmer than regular manual brushes, which allows you to clean the narrower areas of the mouth thoroughly. Why make life harder by using manual brushes?

  1. It eliminates gingivitis

According to my dentist, over ¾ of the population is affected by gingivitis. That’s huge! Gingivitis is caused by the accumulation of plaque on your teeth. It develops more quickly in people who brush their teeth less effectively. The FlexCare Platinum Connected by Philips is known to eliminate 10 times more plaque than a manual toothbrush. Yet another reason to invest in one!

  1. Reduces troubled areas

The electric toothbrush is better at fighting scale and gingivitis, helping to decrease your chance of developing gum disease. Plus, the FlexCare Platinum Connected offers 3 brushing modes and 3 intensity levels, which allows you to customize your brushing experience. The majority of dentists will tell you to opt for an electric toothbrush because they are easier to use and more effective than manual ones.

Our pick : The Philips FlexCare Platinum Connected electric toothbrush, $199.99 at Walmart and on Amazon.



*This article is sponsored by Philips.


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