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5 Canadian Beauty Brands To Try


At  divine.ca, we always are always on the look out for Canadian fashion and beauty options. With Canada Day being only a few days away, here are some of our favorite beauty brands from our very own country!

Bite Beauty

A post shared by Bite Beauty (@bitebeauty) on

A post shared by Bite Beauty (@bitebeauty) on

Our Editor-in-Chief fell in love with this brand’s lipsticks a few years ago. The label boasts a minimalist look and creates vegan, organic lip products. We love the creamy texture of these lipsticks and they stay put for several hours. Don’t forget to pick up the Agave Lip Mask, to keep your lips looking smooth.


A post shared by Juvente DC (@juventedc) on

A post shared by Juvente DC (@juventedc) on

This Quebec-based brand has natural, active ingredients at the heart of its formulas  to meet the anti-aging needs of Canadian skin! The diverse product range includes serums, eye contour treatments and day cream. It is a label that has managed to combine nature and technology.


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A post shared by NUDESTIX (@nudestix) on

This vibrant  company was created by a mother-daughter trio from Toronto, and we are hooked on the variety of nude lipsticks that they have. In addition to their lip “stix”, they also have pencil concealers, all over face make up and amazing eye colours and liners.

Lise Watier

It’s impossible to speak of Canadian beauty success without mentioning Mrs. Watier. The line, which is sold all over the world, was created more than 40 years ago. The brand continues to grow and is now part of Marcelle’s portfolio, another Quebec based beauty company. Beautiful products that have become internationally successful – now that’s something to be proud of.

The Ordinary

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The Toronto-based beauty skincare line is constantly evolving and growing in the beauty industry. With its range of innovative, affordable and effective products, The Ordinary is gaining popularity worldwide.  We strongly suggest you get your hands on their products – they often sell out!

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