5 Classic Holiday Campari Cocktails


If you’re hosting a party, you know this: it takes more than just food to achieve a successful holiday gathering, you need alcohol and cocktails. Even if you prefer to ask guests to bring their own drinks, it is always good to prepare a welcoming cocktail. It sets the mood and gives you time to finalize your hors-d’oeuvres before the rest of your guests arrive.

Now, how can you please everyone? Some people prefer sweet drinks, whilst others prefer bitter ones. Things can get tricky, especially when you want to please everyone using only one type of alcohol. However, we might have a solution for you. You are probably familiar with Campari liqueur? Well, for their 2016 campaign, they opted for a BitterSweet theme. Spot on! Their limited edition calendar for next year is themed around the presidential elections, opposing the Bitter and Sweet sides. Also, the lovely Kate Hudson will be the star of the calendar!

Anyways, it is actually possible to please everyone using only one liquor. Combine it with all your favourite drinks and you’ve got it! Want to step up your game even more? No problem. Here are 5 classic Campari cocktail ideas that will make your party the best party. (Click on the link for all the details)

  1. Campari Seltz
  2. Campari Orange
  3. Boulevardier
  4. Negroni
  5. Campari Spritz

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